Kasey Mathews – Inspirational Female Speaker

Whether assembled in person or via video conference, Kasey presents in an engaging way to groups both large and small. Whether your audiences fills an entire auditorium or is an intimate group gathered round the fireplace for a relaxed discussion. 

If you need inspirational female speakers for your next event, Kasey offers a variety of speaking topics. As a “student in the lessons of everyday life,” she delights in connecting with others to share inspirational stories of:

  • Living Consciously
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Creating a Life Full of Magic and Wonder
  • Conquering Limiting Beliefs 
  • Practicing Mindfulness
  • Parenting with Patience and Presence
  • Developing Your Intuition
  • Letting Go of Labels
  • The Art of Manifestation 
  • Reclaiming Your Power
  • Living and Leading an Authentic Life
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Speaking Your Truth 
  • Healing From Trauma
  • Bringing Your Book To Life
  • Finding Deep and Lasting Happiness
  • …and so many more

Audience feedback to describe Kasey’s talks consistently includes expressions like outstanding, lively, engaging, informative, thought-provoking, humorous, interactive and awe inspiring.

To inquire about booking Kasey as an inspirational female speaker for your next event, or to have her as a guest on an upcoming podcast, please click the button below and include pertinent details in your request including, event, date, time and location.