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Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 44.  It was my favorite kind of day, quiet and unplanned.  My husband and kids waited on me hand and foot.  “Are you having a good day?” they kept asking.  And I was.  I wrote and read, took a long walk, swam and joined the kids in a water […]

The Game of What?

A Friday night dinner with dear friends. We fed our kids and theirs early and sent them upstairs to play board games. An adult evening – Ah.  Lee put on music, I lit candles and our friends uncorked a bottle of wine. The wine was passed and stories were shared. Candle wax dripped onto the […]

Summer Reading

When I told my dear friend, Libby Barnett that I was reading The Swiss Family Robinson to the kids this summer, her face lit up.  “My father read that to me when I was a little girl,” she said.  She got a far away look in her eyes and said, “I remember it so clearly.  How I loved the […]

Little Ducklings?

Ever year when school resumes in the fall, I count down the days ‘til summer vacation begins.  I can’t wait to get the kids back in my nest, to allow our days a rhythm without alarm clocks, scheduled activities and homework.  To let their sleepy brains awaken over a plate of syrupy pancakes and watch […]

Real Women’s Soccer

The only thing my husband wanted for Father’s Day was my participation in the first annual, mother-daughter end-of-season soccer game. It was our first and only free Sunday in June, and the last thing I wanted to do. But by Sunday, I felt guilty about the complaining I’d done all week and decided to embrace […]

Independence Day

My dad’s birthday is on the 4th of July. For years we woke to the mixture of him blasting John Phillip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever and my mother shouts of “Turn that music down, Jerry.” We spent all his birthdays at my aunt, uncle and grandparent’s summer cottages in Henderson Harbor, NY.  The only time during the […]


After Andie was born nearly four months early, I longed for a woman who had walked in my shoes.  I needed someone to hold my hand and nod her head in understanding as I voiced my fears and uncertainty.  But that woman never arrived, and my loneliness, grief and fear took up residence just below […]

Summer Shift

I couldn’t wait for the kids to get out of school for summer. To sleep in late, eat leisurely breakfasts without making lunches at the same time and not have to race to school before the 7:55 bell ran. After the end-of-year ceremony on Friday morning, we had a picnic back at our house for […]


As a parent of a premature baby, or the parent of a child facing any sort of challenge, or the parent of, well, any child…there are those moments… those moments that stop you in your tracks, and simply take your breath away. It might be a first…a child’s first word, or step, or lost tooth, […]

Rites of Passage

When Tucker was a little guy, he’d fashion fishing poles out of sticks and string and hang his “rods” over the back of the kitchen sofa. A bite from a big one, would require great effort and lots of groaning until he successfully reeled in his imaginary catch. His first “real” rod was red and […]