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Why is Play Important?

Have you ever wondered why play is important? And not just for kids, but adults, too? When’s the last time you took time out of your day just to PLAY? Play? That’s what I thought!  As hard-working, ever-so-productive, responsible adults, most of us have slipped into the default mindset that play is for kids. Many […]

Do You Need Permission?

Permission to Take Care of Yourself? Why do you need permission from someone else to take care of YOU? I’m hearing from many of you that June is feeling busy and there’s not much time to care for self. I remember those days when my kids were little. I was often running on fumes in […]

Why is Change so Hard?

A common question I’m asked in my work as a Transformational Life Coach is Why is Change so Hard? I often hear phrases like, I try so hard to make positive changes, but they never seem to stick? Does that sound familiar to you? Understanding Why Change is Hard? Let’s see if a recent conversation […]

How to Be More Present

As a Transformational Life Coach, many of my coaching clients are seeking ways to discover how they can be more present in their lives. But my work doesn’t necessarily stop with my life coaching clients! Case in point, the moment that happened recently with my sweet husband… Presents versus Presence aka How to Be More Present […]

What is the Best Gift for Mother’s Day?

The best gift for Mother’s Day is the gift you give to yourself! Taking an entire day for yourself and doing what makes your heart sing and lights you up! And if you’re not a Mama to human babies, you’re an auntie, sister or dear friend to others and if we apply good old Webster’s […]

How to Slow Down Time

Have you ever wondered how to slow down time? Many people do! As you’ll see, sometimes slowing down time requires a little magic… My story of learning how to slow down time… began back in March when our son came home for a visit. I was bubbling with excitement over his visit and wanted to savor […]

Do You Have an Animal Spirit Guide?

Have you ever wondered if you have an animal spirit guide? Are the creatures that cross your path offering wisdom and messages for you? Last weekend, here in New England the weather called for beautiful and warm temps on Saturday, and cold and rainy on Sunday, so I planned accordingly. We had lots of outdoor […]

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you want to know how to finally stop feeling Overwhelmed? Then you are not alone! I hear this from so many of my clients, fellow entrepreneurs, moms, and human beings. There is no shortage of “to-do’s” on our lists. From kids to spouses to work to family obligations… Look, I know you’re already overwhelmed, […]

Why Do I Feel Stuck in Life?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s holding you back and ask yourself the question, “Why do I feel stuck in life?” The other day it was so beautiful outside that I pushed my computer aside and called it done for the day. “Done,” I announced, only to be heard by Georgie Girl resting in […]

How to Live Your Best Life?

Are you ready to live your best life? Then there is one word in particular that you should never use! Want to know what it is? It’s my least favorite word in the English language! It’s the word that makes me want to scream whenever I hear it used in a sentence! The word that […]