What is the Best Gift for Mother’s Day?

The best gift for Mother’s Day is the gift you give to yourself!

a beautiful heart of flower blooms the best mother's day gift

photo thanks faye cornish @unsplash

Taking an entire day for yourself and doing what makes your heart sing and lights you up!

And if you’re not a Mama to human babies, you’re an auntie, sister or dear friend to others and if we apply good old Webster’s definition of Mothering – relating to or characteristic of a mother, especially in being caring, protective, and kind…

…it’s safe to say you are Mothering in some form or another and deserve a day just for you!

So let me ask you again, What’s the plan for YOU this Sunday?​

If you just answered…

Oh, I’ll wait and see what my partner or kids come up with…

And I encourage you to be more proactive and remember the best gift for Mother’s Day is the gift you give to yourself!

Unless you’re partnered up with the world’s greatest, let’s design a day you would love!

I love a plate of syrupy (gluten-free) pancakes in bed as much as the next Mama, but we’ve all had a lot on our plates this past year, and really need abreak.

If it takes a Hallmark holiday for us to claim it, let’s milk it for all it’s worth ’cause come Monday, it’ll be back to dishes, laundry and caring for everyone else, right?​

So a few suggestions…

Sleeping till noon

A morning romantic comedy in bed

A quiet walk

A drive in the countryside with Bach streaming through the speakers

A picnic lunch in a quiet park

And for those of you that still need the reminder – Taking care of you is not selfish. The more you fill up your own cup, the more you have to share with others. 

So what makes your heart sing?

Your Day, Your Choice!

What will be the best gift for Mother’s Day that you give to yourself this year?

This is a Mother’s Day Tribute I wrote to my own mother recalling some of my favorite Mom Memories

And one of my all-time favorite parenting moments is when we as a family gathered at the lake to make a video for the release of my book Preemie Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood.

Click on the photo to watch 

a special moment with mom and kids showing the best mother's day gift

I’ll be watching it again for sure this Mother’s Day.


How to Slow Down Time

Have you ever wondered how to slow down time?

Many people do!

As you’ll see, sometimes slowing down time requires a little magic…

My story of learning how to slow down time…

began back in March when our son came home for a visit.

I was bubbling with excitement over his visit and wanted to savor every moment of his time at home.

Under the “Intention” category on my Magical Living Daily Planner, I wrote “During T’s visit time feels expansive and moves slowly.”

He’d been home for three days and that had been exactly the case.

Time seemed to have slowed down…

and each day was full and joyous, with lots of time to play.

Late in the afternoon of the fourth day during his visit, we lit the big bonfire that’d been building over the previous year.

We anchored Adirondack chairs down in the snow and shared stories around the crackle of the fire.

My cheeks felt flushed and warm, and my Mama heart was alight.

The fire made us all sleepy and ready for an early bedtime.

I remember carrying the bag of snacks through the back kitchen door and glancing at the clock hanging above the stove.

I couldn’t believe how early it still was. There was still so much time left in the day!

My son, daughter, dog, Georgie Girl and I all collapsed, four abreast on our king-sized bed.

Hubby, with no room left on the bed, settled for a nearby chair.

Later that night, after the kids had headed off to their rooms and Georgie to the floor, we were tucking ourselves in and hubby said,“Looking at you on the bed with the kids, I could practically hear your heart singing.”

The following days carried on in that same slow, carefree way.

Yet, somewhere along the way as time seemed to be moving so slowly…

I discovered Magic had been at work!

Remember that clock above the stove?

Well it turns out, at some point in the midst of our play, the clock had slowed down and was 45 minutes slower than usual!

That clock is my daily time-keeper.

I can’t tell you the number of times a day I glance at that way and note the time accordingly.

So for the early days of my son’s visit, I was under the spell of that slow moving clock.

Yet, upon discovering the time discrepancy, you would think I’d have replaced the battery and moved the hands to the correct time, right?


Instead, I left the clock just as it was.

And time continued to move in that slow, magical way for the rest of his visit.

The day after my son flew out, I placed a new battery on the kitchen counter, but there it sat for several days.

There were plenty of other clocks in the house that kept the correct time.

I chose, instead…

to stay in the magic of that luxurious, slower moving time.

a woman standing in front of a clock intending that time slows down

Photo thanks to Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Are you ready to learn how to slow down time?

For the next five days, take out the Magical Living Daily Planner and set an intention for the day.

“I am so happy and grateful that time is moving so slowly and feels so expansive…” 

Or whatever works for you in your own words!

Then just notice. 

And be open to all the Magic that may be at work in your life!

Speaking of Time…

Check out this podcast where we discuss The Role Anxiety Plays in Productivity 


Do You Have an Animal Spirit Guide?

Have you ever wondered if you have an animal spirit guide?

Are the creatures that cross your path offering wisdom and messages for you?

Last weekend, here in New England the weather called for beautiful and warm temps on Saturday, and cold and rainy on Sunday, so I planned accordingly.

We had lots of outdoor playful activities planned for Saturday and the boring, indoor “have-to-do-household” activities for Sunday.

So Saturday brought a long morning bike ride, playing in the garden and an outdoor dinner with neighbors we hadn’t seen in ages…

and I awoke Sunday, feeling played-out and prepared to take on the indoor tasks planned for the day.

But Sunday morning brought no rain.

Or cold.

In fact, it was quite sunny and beautiful outside.

I was, frankly, disappointed.

I’d made plans for a cold rainy day!

Time to Shift Plans

The bright light coming in through the windows was teasing my eyes, and there was no way I was about to tackle anything on that rainy-Sunday indoor list.

“Wanna go for a walk,” I asked, looking down at my dog, Georgie Girl, who as usual was lying at my feet.

So off we went.

But not for my usual get-your-heart-rate-up walk through the woods.

Instead I put on my boots and began a slow meander into the trees.

I’d deliberately left my phone at home on the kitchen counter; my only provision a handful of dog biscuits.

Usually, I head straight down the trail into the woods, but something called me to turn onto the path to the right.

We followed the path to the top of the hill and for a moment at the top, Georgie was out of sight.

I scanned the woods and caught sight of her over my right shoulder happily sniffing away.

When I took a step forward, I hesitated and thought maybe I should extend my wandering a bit, and looked over to the path to the left.

My head turned left, looked away and then quickly turned back again, allowing my eyes to adjust to what I saw.

Big Animal Surprise

“Well, hello,” I said aloud to the moose (!!!) standing about fifty yards away in between the trees.

Because I’d left my phone at home, I felt no desperate need to quickly capture a photo or video.

Instead I just stood for a moment and gazed, and he or she did the same in return.

Our gaze lasted a moment more, and then the lovely beast turned and walked off into the woods.

With a sigh and a smile, I turned and began walking toward my home.

a moose in the woods my animal spirit guide message

photo thanks to james fitzgerald on unsplash

A Magical Gift

What a magical gift I’d been given for honoring and meeting myself exactly where I was that morning.

I could have forced myself (with a little extra coffee and maybe some chocolate) to stick to the plan and tackle that list.

But my heart, mind, and soul had other desires.

So I gave myself permission to push that list aside, and follow my heart into the woods to meet a new friend.

And as you’ll see, the message I received from that animal spirit guide, Moose confirmed my decision.

Do you have animal spirit guides delivering you messages?

Do you need to slow down more and notice?

Is there anywhere in your life where you need to give yourself permission?

There are so many ways to discover the Magic in our lives,

and perhaps discovering if you have an animal spirit guide is one for you!

Back at home, here’s what I discovered Moose had to share with me!

Animal Spirit Guide Message

Moose symbolism is letting you know that you – and only you – have the authority to make your choices in life.​ Use your intuition and intelligence to see what fits and what does not. 

Pretty spot on, eh?

Want to play? Visit this site and find out what your animal spirit guides are trying to tell you!

Animals as Messengers

“When you begin to believe in the animals as spiritual teachers and messengers, it opens up a whole new dimension in your life. Animals suddenly become more than simple pets or companions. They become messengers, teachers, and holders of ancient wisdom and lore. Their spiritual messages give us guidance, teach us about our own journeys and unconditionally give us nourishment on all levels (physically, mentally, and spiritually) to help us sustain life and maintain balance with nature.

An animal can bring us a message in several ways. We can physically cross paths with it, we can dream about them, they can visit us in our meditations, or we can even have them as pets.”

May your coming days be full of Magic!

Want a little more inspiration?

Check out my recent blog post on the Benefits of Being Outdoors! 

Also, if you’re feeling called to take the next step in your life and considering Transformational Life Coaching, I’d love to set up a time to talk! 

And if you’re looking for Daily Doses of Inspiration, check out my Facebook Coaching Page!

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you want to know how to finally stop feeling Overwhelmed?

Then you are not alone!

I hear this from so many of my clients, fellow entrepreneurs, moms, and human beings. There is no shortage of “to-do’s” on our lists. From kids to spouses to work to family obligations…

Look, I know you’re already overwhelmed, so I won’t go there any more than you already have.

Instead, how about I help you move from Overwhelm to a Place of Ease?

Are you thinking, It’s just not possible for me to stop feeling overwhelmed?

Read on, dear friend. I promise you, hope in sight.

a woman holding her head in her hands because she feels so overwhelmed

photo thanks to ruslan bardash on unsplash

Today I’m sharing my 3 Simple, Tried-and-True Steps so you never again have to ask – How Do I Stop Feeling Overwhelmed?


Step One: Write it Down

Write down everything.

Every little thing that you’re carrying around. From the big stuff to the tiniest! It all adds up leaving you feeling like it’s all just too much, aka Overwhelmed!

Use the Pour It Out Page in my Overwhelm Solution Guide and let it all out:

Kids are fighting all the time.

Work demands never end.

The house is so disorganized.

There is no end in sight to this “new normal.”

I haven’t done laundry in a week.

I don’t know what to make for dinner.

I can’t make time to workout.

I don’t even know what the heck self-care is anymore!

Often the Overwhelm living in you feels big and unmanageable. By getting it out of your body and down onto the page you’re no longer carrying it within your being. Allow the page to hold it for you.

Once you’ve excavated and gotten the Overwhelm out, then just simply notice.

How do you feel?

Is there anything you missed? If so, write it down. If not, take in a nice big breath through your nose and blow it all out of your mouth like you’re blowing out candles on a cake. Sit with that.

If you feel like you need it, breathe in and out again.

Once you feel the sensation of Ahhhh arrive with the breath, you’ll know you’re there.

Ok, now you know the next time you ask How do I stop feeling overwhelmed, what to do first!

So, are you ready for Step Two?

Step Two: Feel What You’re Feeling

Sounds so simple, right? But often feelings of Overwhelm are actually just bottled up emotions swirling through your system trying to get your attention and find their way to light.

How do you get them out? Feel them!!!

You know that sensation when there’s so much going on it almost feels like you’re not even in your body?

Like you’ve kind of “checked out” and saying to yourself “I just can’t take anymore.”

That is actually you NOT feeling what you’re feeling.

If you think about all the times throughout your life you were told NOT to feel your feelings, it makes perfect sense.

Don’t be sad. Don’t be scared. Don’t be angry. Don’t be (fill in the blank)

What if there was a different way?

Instead of denying your emotions, what if you embraced them instead? You actually FELT what you’re feeling!


Great question!

Simply notice the emotion you’re feeling.

I’m so lonely.

I’m feeling sad.

I’m furious

Good. Where in your body do you feel that?

Pit in my stomach.

Good. Breathe right into that area.

Awareness and breath will help it move up and out.

When you acknowledge your feelings and breathe into them, you’re validating them and allowing them to move through you, rather than take up residence within you.

When you go with emotions, rather than fight against them, you allow yourself to feel the emotions, which in turn release them and prevent them from lodging in your physical body where they show up as total overwhelm.

Make sense? I know it sounds so simple, but please don’t be fooled. I’ve witnessed over and over again how this powerful process has enabled my coaching clients to make huge shifts in their lives.

Are YOU ready to make a huge shift in yours?

You can Find Step Three – Event + Response = Outcome in my  FREE Overwhelm Solution Guide HERE 

You got this!

If you feel like you want even more support, I’d love to talk to you more about Transformational Life Coaching and whether that would be a fit for you! Schedule a Complimentary Session to Explore Here

Why Do I Feel Stuck in Life?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s holding you back and ask yourself the question, “Why do I feel stuck in life?”

an open door representing the way to move forward when I feel stuck in life

Photo thanks to Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash

The other day it was so beautiful outside that I pushed my computer aside and called it done for the day.

“Done,” I announced, only to be heard by Georgie Girl resting in her usual place at my feet.

As I strode from my office through the kitchen, the new novel I was reading caught my eye. I was tempted to go sit out back in the Adirondack chair, but I was excited to move my body and instead of reading, decided to change into work clothes and head outside to tackle some spring clean up.

But just a few minutes later, as I stood at the back door in my work pants and tall rubber boots an old familiar feeling crept in. I heard that uncertain, wavering voice in my head say, “I don’t know where to start.”

I glanced back at my book on the counter.


The moment reminded me of trying to find my way when Andie was in the NICU. Or as a brand new Mom after Tuck’s arrival. Times I felt uncertain and overwhelmed, and longed for someone to tell me what to do.

Still standing at the back door, I remembered a walk with newborn Tuck. I’d met a kind and caring older neighbor who shared a few of her best parenting words of wisdom, and I walked away with a little more certainty in my step. Then I thought of the NICU nurse who stopped everything she was doing in order to “teach me the ropes” and unveil some of the mystery of that hospital floor full of tiny babies and beeping machines.

In that quiet moment back in my kitchen standing at the back door, I remembered the words of my dear friend who lives down the road and has beautiful gardens in her yard. “Every spring I start by simply walking around the yard and gathering up fallen sticks.”

There it was. Simple guidance and a place for me to start.

That’s often all we really need, in those moments, right? Gentle guidance to help us take that first step when we hear that voice again asking, Why do I feel stuck in life?

So off I went, out the back door to take my first steps and simply begin collecting sticks.


…my friend doesn’t have a big Bernese Mountain dog helper, who also happens to be a stick collector!!!



So what about you?

Are there areas of your life where you feel stuck? Places where you’re reluctant and uncertain to take that first step?

In the loving words of Mr. Rogers, “Look for the helpers.”

You don’t have to walk these paths alone.

In nearly all circumstances, others have walked the path before you and there’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel. When you’re uncertain where to begin, how to take that first step, look for, ask for, and allow yourself to receive guidance in order to take that first step.

Then another.

And another.

Who knows where those steps may lead!

Had to share this most humbling and wonderful recent client testimonial…

“At this moment I am someone who doesn’t recognize who they were six months ago before I started working with Kasey! I was a person with dreams and desires but no goals. I knew I was meant for “more” but wasn’t sure what “more” was, or how to get there. It was all so vague, blurry and overwhelming. Initially I was trying to solve “the next step”, what it was and how I was going to get there. What it turned into was addressing problems with my mindset, limiting beliefs, self-talk and the story I had clung on to for decades too long. Before connecting with Kasey I couldn’t even articulate what it was that I actually needed…. I just knew that I needed help. My experience with Kasey was MAGICAL! Why? Because every day I’d have a moment of self-realization of the growth that has happened. Kasey provided an opportunity for me to dive deep below the surface to really unearth some dusty old beliefs I had created when I was much younger. Without cleaning up my beliefs, regardless of how much work I did to move forward, like a NASCAR race, I would keep coming back to the same place, over, and over, and over again…”

Read the rest of the testimonial, and many others, here – Testimonials 

If you’ve ever thought about working with a Transformational Life Coach and would like to know more please schedule a Free Discovery Session. 

How to Live Your Best Life?

Are you ready to live your best life?

a happy woman living her best life

photo credit thanks to Hean Prinsloo on Unsplash

Then there is one word in particular that you should never use!

Want to know what it is?

It’s my least favorite word in the English language!

It’s the word that makes me want to scream whenever I hear it used in a sentence!

The word that makes me wince and realize action is required!

It’s the word that new clients often used when asked to describe their life!

It’s the word that will keep you from living your best life!

Ready to hear?

The word is…Fine.

Fine. Such a seemingly innocuous word, yet it’s so unwittingly powerful.

My loathing for that word began several years ago when I’d spent quite a bit of time picking out just the right outfit for a party (remember those?). Discarded outfits littered our bed until I’d finally found just the right one I felt really good in. Walking down the stairs into the kitchen, hubby, who was sitting at the kitchen island reading a ski magazine, looked up, and I asked him, “What do you think?”

To which he replied, “Fine.”

“Fine?” I said.

“Yeah, fine,” he repeated.

I remember squeezing the stair railing and drawing in a breath, and, well, let’s just say hubby knows better than to ever use that word to describe how I look again!

Another time I was in a coaching session with a client who was talking about her relationship with her spouse. As she talked about their marriage, the kids, the house, she sighed and then with a small shrug of her shoulders said, “Things are fine.”

I tried not to cringe, but she saw me and gave an embarrassed smile.

So, I asked, “Is fine working for you?”

She smiled again and shook her head. “No,” she said. “Fine is definitely not working for me.” And I watched as her eyes lit up with the realization that she was ready, and deserving of so much more.

What about you?

Are there areas of your life that you would describe as fine?

Are You ok with that?

You know I’m not! I want so much more for you!

I didn’t come here for fine, and neither did you, sweet friend! We’re here to live exceptional, outstanding, amazing knock-it-out-of-the-park life, magical lives!

Are you ready?

I dare you!

Don’t know where to begin?

Let’s talk!

Schedule a Free Session Here – Magical Living Discovery Session

I adore you and I want you to live your best life, so what are you waiting for?

Ready for More? Go check out this Important Question to Ask Yourself!

or the way to Stop Labeling Yourself


How to be a Better Mom

Have you ever wondered how to be a better mom and enjoy motherhood more no matter the age of your children?

It would be an understatement to say that moms have had quite a year during this pandemic. From learning to become school teachers, to being cooped up with kiddos who just desperately want to get out and go see their friends, to feeling isolated from things that were a huge part of our identities prior to this Covid life. 

Motherhood was already difficult and this tumultuous year has brought even more of its challenges to the surface. 

Many mothers I speak to are sick of worrying about their kids, they’re exhausted from being disorganized every day, and sometimes… if they’re honest… they wish they could just stay in bed and not have to face the day. And yet at the same time, the thought, How can I be a better mom? constantly runs through their heads.

This is another way. 

Here are five simple ways that you can begin to enjoy motherhood more and feel like a better mom. Right now. Today. You can take your desire to live a dream life and turn it into a reality. 

Illustrating a happy mom who feels good about herself

photo credit thanks to paige cody on unsplash

  1. Create a Morning Ritual 

Do you wake up before your kiddos? Do you have time in the mornings just for you that feeds your soul? There is a golden time before the pitter patter of small feet. Your mama heart knows that as soon as those little footsteps can be heard in the hallway, there will be mouths to feed, diapers to change, and it is important to meet those faces after you have met your needs. Create a morning ritual that allows you a few minutes of stillness, meditation, journaling, a cozy cup of coffee, Whatever feeds your soul and helps you to start the day on your own terms. (If you haven’t downloaded my free Magical Living Daily Planner  yet, this may be exactly what you’ve been needing!)

  1. Exercise and Eat Whole Foods 

If you are not taking care of your body, everyone is in trouble. This means that it’s important to move your body, exercise, eat nourishing foods, and be kind to yourself. I am not talking about trying to get a Beach Body and beating yourself into submission on the treadmill each day, I am talking about movement that helps you to feel better in your skin so that you show up for yourself and your family feeling your best. Exercise is also a great way to help process feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and worry. The foods you eat play a huge role in your moods, managing your emotions, and your ability to handle stressors on a daily basis.

  1. Put Your Phone Away 

I know you want to be sure to get every single photo of your baby boy’s funny faces, but we moms so often treat our phones as a second appendage. And it’s not just for taking pictures… we are scrolling on social media, being sucked into conversations via text messaging, and any number of things that pull our attention away from being present with our children and for ourselves. You will thrive in motherhood when you realize that the best moments are the ones taking place right in front of you.

  1. Have Daily Times of Connection 

Make a promise to yourself that you will take time each day to connect with your children daily. This applies to your sweet newborn baby who needs you to nurture them nearly every moment, to your adult daughter who seems to “have it altogether”. Choose a time during the day that you will cuddle with, send a loving message to, call, or enjoy a walk with your children. The joy that comes from interacting with these amazing beings, that your body created, is beyond words.

  1. Laugh More 

When was the last time you melted into a deep belly laugh? When was the last time you laughed so hard you could cry? Enjoying motherhood means giving yourself permission to laugh. Find the funny in the past, present, and future. Spend time talking to friends that make you laugh, and do things that light up your spirit. And remember, laughter is contagious, so often your joy will rub off on your family members too! 

Enjoying motherhood means and feeling like a better mom means taking a look at all aspects of your life: physical, mental, emotional health, family, home, career, financial, and your relationships and discovering how they influence one another. It means discovering balance within yourself so that you can feel happy, healthy, and whole in every area of your life. When I work with my clients through transformational life coaching, we address all of these areas and more. 

I work with moms and mompreneurs from my intuitive life coaching perspective to help them develop their own intuitive abilities and learn how to be a better mom and fall in love with their own life!

If you want to thrive in motherhood and find more meaning in your life, transformational life coaching can help.

The time is now. Not when the kids get older, or you quit your job, or get in better shape. We can begin right where you are and help you begin living your dream life today.


Benefits of Being Outdoors

Are there really Benefits of Being Outdoors?

Read on and find out the answer is YES!

Ok, are you feeling the stirrings of spring, yet?

I was shocked last night to look outside at 5:00 pm and see it was still light here in New Hampshire.

I’m hearing the birds singing in the early mornings, and seeing more people out walking these days, too. Could it be we’re slowly emerging from hibernation?

What about you? Are you feeling the urge to move? To get outside more?

Need a little nudge?

How about this?

I recently came across a concept I fell so in love with, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it!

It’s called “Shinrin-Yoku” a Japanese term, translated as Forest Bathing.

The activity was originally intended as a simple walk through the forest listening to nature, enjoying the scents of the trees and beauty of the surroundings.

Yet it turns out, researchers discovered that forest bathing has far greater health benefits. Trees and plants emit wood essential oils, or phytoncides, designed to protect themselves from bugs and disease, and it’s believed that humans benefit from this protection as well!

How cool is that?

I take Georgie Girl for a walk in the woods every day – my walking meditation, as I call it, yet I had no idea the extent of the health benefits I was gaining by simply being out in nature, in the midst of the trees. My kind of therapy.

Inspired to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors?

Even if you’re in a city far from nature, there must be a tree or two somewhere that you can make friends with!

Go on! Get out there, and take a bath!

Bathe your body, mind and soul…

and enjoy the Magic of the Trees!

a beautiful photo of trees showing the health benefits of getting outside in nature

Photo by Michael Krahn on Unsplash

If you’re looking for more health benefits and ways you can benefit from the outdoors, this post on Relieving Anxiety Naturally may be of interest.

An Interview I Simply Adored

Last fall, I was introduced to a photographer who is fascinated by the question “How do you want to be seen?” That’s the question she asks each client before a photo shoot, and the question she poses to those she invites onto her podcast.

I had the honor of sitting with Lisa Arnold and recording this podcast interview in which I answer that exact question. We talked about that and so much more, and it’s absolutely become one of my favorite interviews. There’s something mesmerizing and magical about the way Lisa asks thoughtful and engaging questions. She had me under her spell, as you’ll hear when you listen.

Listen HERE or wherever you get your podcasts.


Finally, there was this!

To say my heart was singing would be an understatement!

Watch the quick video to see what I’m talking about!


Sweet Preemie Story



Connecting with Your Kids

A mother connecting with her kid

(photo credit thanks to sai de silva)

Do you feel like you’re not connecting with your kids?

Wishing you could find better ways of connecting with your kids?

When my kids were little, they’d come to me and want me to fix what was wrong in their lives.

I fell and skinned my knee = a bandaid and a kiss

Tucker is teasing me = a little time apart

Can’t fall asleep = an extra story and a back tickle

Those were all wonderful ways of connecting with my kids, but as they grew older, those go-to solutions weren’t as effective, and much of the time, not what was really needed, and sometimes I wasn’t sure how to feel more connected to my kids.

In fact, what it took me ages to understand, is that the kids weren’t really after solutions at all.

When they had a complaint about a teacher, or a friend situation or a headache, they weren’t looking for me to “fix” anything. They were simply looking for me to listen.

To hear them, to see them and to acknowledge what was going on in their life.

It took me a while to get it. In fact, it’s still a practice, especially when they call home from their new, away-from-home locations, and open up about what’s happening in their lives, good and bad.

Of course, I welcome and receive the good. Awesome! I’m so happy to hear everything is going so well!

But when they begin to share their woes and struggles, my Mama propensity is to jump straight in and start making suggestions as to how they can remedy the situation.

But before I get too far, I remember these two magic words – That Sucks.

Yup. Those are the words! Crazy, right? But I’m telling you they totally work!

Here’s a fictitious example of my old way versus my new.

Daughter: My roommate wore my favorite sweater and got a hole in it.

Me: She did what? You’ve hardly worn that sweater. Did you tell her that it doesn’t work for her to borrow your stuff without permission and moving forward you’ll need to…

Daughter: Mom. Mom! I can handle this. I have to go.


Daughter: My roommate wore my favorite sweater and got a hole in it.

Me: Ugh, that sucks. Sorry to hear that.

Daughter: Thanks. Yeah I was really bummed, but we worked it out and she’s going to ask me before borrowing any of my clothes again.

Me: Awesome. Sounds like you figured it out.

Big difference – instead of me solving her problem, she gets to own it and solve it herself.

These are my words, for my kids, at this age. That Sucks may not work for you, so find your own version, especially if your kids are younger:

Oh, no. I’m sorry you’re going through that.

Is there anything I can do to help?

That’s too bad. I’m sorry.

We all want to be seen, heard and validated and with everything going on in the world, with the enormity of suffering, loss, grief, uncertainty, isolation and more, this is a perfect time to practice this ever so important skill of just being present and listening.

Try it yourself and see if this way of connecting with your kids works for you!

Of course, a good dose of laughter is always terrific medicine…

So, I thought I’d share my all time favorite video which illustrates exactly what I’m talking about.

Just see me. Just hear me. Just validate me.

And don’t you dare try to fix me!

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Transformational Life Coach vs. Therapist

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What’s the difference between a Transformational Life Coach and a Therapist?

Perhaps you’re considering transformational life coaching but you aren’t sure if it’s for you because you already have a therapist, or were thinking about finding one. How do you determine whether or not you need a transformational life coach or a therapist?

While they may both help with mental health and emotional healing, life coaching focuses primarily on setting and achieving goals, as well as removing limiting beliefs and blocks that stand between you and your success.

Therapists often tend to focus on the past, rather than use where you are in the present to create action in order to move forward.

How do you determine whether or not you need a transformational life coach or therapist?

This blog will show you three of the key differences so you can decide whether or not transformational life coaching is right for you.

No matter what you choose, having someone to look at your life from an outside perspective can be very beneficial for your progress and personal development.

Holistic Life Coaching Focuses on Outcomes and Goals in All Areas of Your Life

When you begin with a Transformational Life Coach, you will begin by taking a holistic look at all areas of your life from mental, emotional, physical, relational, spiritual, and occupational to see where you are currently and help to establish clarity around where you want to go.

Then, you will work with your Life Coach to achieve the goals and outcomes that you move you forward toward these milestones.

While a therapist can help with many of these areas, they typically focus less on goals and outcomes, and more on problems surrounding these aspects of your life. Therapists tend to work on one area at a time, whereas a Transformational Life Coach taking a holistic approach looks at how all aspects of life work together to create continuity.

Life Coaches Do Not Diagnose, Prescribe, or Treat

A Life Coach is not a medical professional and does not diagnose, prescribe or treat mental illness or other disease. As therapists are typically licensed professionals, and in many cases use a diagnosis to submit to your insurance for payment, they are able to diagnose in accordance with their expertise and certifications.

Psychotherapists may, in some cases, be able to prescribe medications.

A Transformational Life Coach works with the whole person, and while health and self-care may come up as topics of focus, a Life Coach is not a medical professional and will not offer advice in such areas. It is best when working with a Life Coach, to consult with your general practitioner prior to making any changes.

A Transformational Life Coach Can Help You With Your Business

Transformational Life Coaching can help you get clear on and achieve your personal and professional goals. A Life Coach can help you on creating a business plan, improving your communications skills, overcoming money mindset blocks, achieving financial goals, and finding a work life balance. For those looking to start a new business or grow their current business, a Transformational Life Coach is a great choice.

A therapist tends to focus the conversation and work on trauma recovery, unlocking areas in past relationships that are still causing pain or issues, working through depression or anxiety, and significant loss.

Life coaches and therapists will sometimes help their clients with similar problems, but it’s important to understand the distinction between the two in order to decide which one will serve you best. It’s also important to realize that life coaching is not simply “therapy lite” – it is work that focuses on helping to motivate and inspire YOU to achieve more than you believe is possible for yourself!

Does it sound like Transformational Life Coaching is what you have been looking for?

Then I’d love to invite you to book a Free Discovery Session in order to determine if my coaching is a match for your needs! In this free 45-minute session, you’ll have the opportunity to paint a picture of the life of your dreams and together will uncover the limiting blocks and beliefs that are keeping you from achieving those goals.

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