The Magic of Setting Intentions

The magic of setting intentions

Last week I walked into one of my favorite local bookshops (where I’m doing a reading in October!) and let my eyes linger on covers and titles, waiting to find just the right one, or for it to find me. 

I left with the book, Soulful Simplicity, by Courtney Carver, and I’ve been immersed for the past several days. It’s all about living more soulfully with less in our lives. As I read, I’ve been inspired to create more space in our home and began where I usually do – at my overflowing bookshelf.

As I pulled book after book off the shelf, deciding whether it still served me, if there was someone who could use it, or if I should donate it, I found the beautiful gratitude journal my sister had given me last year on my birthday. I had intended to use it throughout the year but had only filled in the first few pages. I was about to return it to the shelf when several cards fell out of the back of the book. I opened each one and realized they were all birthday cards – cards from last year’s “big” birthday.

Here’s the Magical part. 

They were all from friends and family who’d received my hubby’s request to forego sending gifts, and instead, gift me with an intention they’d hold for me for coming the year.

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So here I am, one year later, rediscovering these gorgeous intentions and realizing what incredible gifts I have been given.

As my birthday gift to myself this year, I’m going to create new intentions for the coming year. With my son heading off to college, my daughter going through the application process, and me, putting a new book out in the world, I have lots to intend about!

I invite you to put this intention setting into practice. You don’t have to wait for your birthday to start. You can start today. What are your wishes, dreams and deepest desires for yourself and your family?

Creating and writing down our intentions is a powerful practice, made even more powerful when you begin your intention, I am so happy and grateful that…and then write your intention in the past tense as if it has already happened!

“I am so happy and grateful that my new book, A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life has touched the lives of women all over the world to live a more mindful and inspired life.”

Now it’s your turn!

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Raising Kids and Renovating Houses

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“Release your attachment to how things ‘ought’ to be and instead surrender to how they actually are.”
Dr. Shefali Tsabary

My husband and I are serial house renovators.

We’ve owned four old homes and our kids have never known one without crooked doors or slanted floors.

Obviously, we love old houses. But the problem is, there’s always work to be done. In other words, the work is never done. As soon as one project is complete, we’re already looking forward and preparing for the next.

The other day, my husband and I were outside walking around the house when he said, “We have so much to do.”

And that simple statement stopped me in my tracks.

For a moment, I knew he was right. But then I looked all around and allowed myself to see all that we had done, rather than all that we hadn’t. It was time to appreciate that. And I asked him to try and see our house through those eyes.

And he did.

We stood in our yard, side by side, looking around like we’d both put on new glasses.

Rather than seeing the landscaping we’d hadn’t done, we saw the aluminum siding we’d torn down and the beautiful clapboard that now took its place. We laughed about the dark brown garages that were now clean and painted white, and as we walked toward our new front porch with the two rockers just waiting for us, my husband let out a big exhale. He was seeing the Magic in what we had created.

As I leaned back in my rocking chair, I started thinking about how we need to do the same with our kids.

In this busy world we live in, we tend to look at all the things they’re not, rather than all the things they are.

Our children are not their spelling tests, SAT scores, soccer games, piano lessons, play dates, prom dates or to-do lists. They’re funny, wondrous, beautiful, amazing beings growing and learning right before our eyes. We just have to slow down, let out a big breath, shift our perspective and allow ourselves to see that.

To see the Magic of who our kids really are – not who they will be someday, but the amazing beings they are right here, right now.

Because the reality is, we’re all renovations in progress.  And from time to time, we need to stop, look around and appreciate all that we’ve accomplished to get to where we are right in this moment. We also need to do the same with our children, so we can model for them, how to do that for themselves.

That’s where we find the Magic.

Is Overwhelm a Choice?

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Last Saturday morning the alarm rang at 4:30 am.

A cold, dark sky met my view out the window. I rolled over and thought of all the reasons we should not be going to the scheduled weekend event.

We’ve been traveling so much lately, the house is a mess, the kids are exhausted, I have so much laundry to do, the bills are piled up on the counter, and my bed is so cozzzzy.

Then I heard a voice in my head say, “Overwhelm is a choice.”

I rolled back over and stared up at the ceiling, allowing myself to hear the words again.

Overwhelm is a choice.

And right at that moment, I made a choice.

I chose to not feel overwhelmed.

It was 4:30 in the morning, but I realized I wasn’t actually tired.

And rather than think of all that would be left undone for the weekend, I thought of all the potential joy for us as a family.

I felt my whole body shift and relax.

I easily climbed out of bed to put on the tea kettle, start the car, gather snacks, blankets and pillows for the ride and greet my family with an early morning smile.

And I thought about my role as Mom, and just how much my mood sets the tone for the family.

Overwhelm is a Choice.

What a gift to have received such wise words – and show up calm, composed and open to all the wonders of time spent fully present and engaged with my family.

Remember, You get to Choose How You Show Up in Your Life.

“Your environment does not create your peace, your peace creates your environment.” (

Do you find yourself angry and overwhelmed? Remember, overwhelm is a choice! You have the ability to re-frame your mindset and choose happiness instead! #overwhelmed #mindset #selfcare