What is yoga to you?

What does yoga mean to you? A question to meditate on.

I was recently thinking about a yoga class where my teacher posed the question, “What is yoga to you?”  She wasn’t looking for any raised hands. The question was more of an offering; something to meditate upon throughout our practice.

As I began bending and twisting, I thought that yoga was just simply moving my body. Keeping it limber and flexible – stretching in response to all the driving and sitting I do.

As I kept moving, more bends and twists, my breaths grew deeper and fuller, and I could feel myself letting go of everything I’d carried in with me to class.

As I continued to bend and twist and breathe even more deeply, I felt me return to me. I felt myself remember who I was.  I felt the real me, deep inside of myself, awaken and smile up at me.

Because a lot of the time I forget. I forget the deep me hidden away inside. I’m just a busy body doing whatever it is I do.  Too busy to stop and say hello to that inner me.

I had found my answer. For me, yoga is simply… returning to me.

I didn’t raise my hand or share my answer with anyone else. I just tucked that knowledge in my pocket to know I can pull it out whenever I need a friendly nudge to get my body moving.

What about you? What is the movement that brings you back home to you? Is it a walk in nature? A run on a treadmill? Gentle movements on a mat? Maybe you’re not sure. Only one way to find out – start moving.

Because moving your body is one of the key elements in Igniting Your Magic!

You Have Permission to Take Care of Yourself

Give yourself permission to care for yourself first.

With kids home for the summer and the house feeling wonderfully noisy and chaotic, I was just thinking back on the days when the kids were little and even more noisy and the house was even more chaotic.

There were days when I was so exhausted, my eyes wouldn’t focus properly. Yet even on the rare occasion when the kids were napping at the same time (miracle!!), I wouldn’t dare lie down.

Not because I had too much to do – I always had too much to do. Instead, I was afraid someone might discover me napping!

How dare I? I used to think.

So I’d force myself to “suck it up” and keep slogging through my to-do list, all the while becoming more exhausted, resentful and angry.

You have permission to take care of yourself, even when you're a mom! Paying attention to self-care can mean the difference between total burn out and a wonderful day. #selfcare #momlife #motherhood

Boy have I come along way!

Today, when I’m running on fumes and not showing up as my best self, I ask  – How dare I not?

Best of all, I don’t care what anyone else thinks!

And I certainly don’t need permission from anyone.  And neither do you!

I simply pull out my Magical Living Daily Planner (hint, hint) and right under the Soul column, I write in big and bold letters – NAP.

And later in the day, when I’m feeling like a little rest is in order, I take a nap. Happily. And so should you!

Nap, or do whatever feeds your soul and allows you to show up in the fullness of you.

Go ahead, give yourself permission! Maybe take it a step further and write yourself a permission slip – giving yourself permission to take care of You!


Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

The Power of Writing Down Your Dreams

The power of writing down your dreams

Last week, I was talking to a dear friend about all the changes he really wanted to make in his life.

“Write them down,” I told him.

In my coaching sessions, when my clients describe their dream life, I say to them, “Write it down.”

There is something so powerful about writing words on the page. It begins with the seeds of a wish; a thought you may dare to dream. But if you really want to make that wish a realization, I can’t urge you enough, Write it Down.

I know first-hand that this practice really works.

Eleven years ago, when we had to move from the 200-year-old home we so adored in Massachusetts to New Hampshire for a job change, I had the entire family, including six-year-old, Andie and eight-year-old, Tucker, write down exactly what they wanted in our new house.

We all wanted another old house. Andie wanted a bigger bedroom (hers was a closet in Mass), Tuck wanted a sledding hill, I asked for apple trees, stone walls and fireplaces and Lee wished for garages (he’s an old car nut), 25 acres, and ceilings that he wouldn’t bump his head on. And most importantly, we needed to be able to afford this dream house!

Writing down your wishes, goals and plans for the future can be a powerful way to set your intentions. Get your kids involved in intention setting when it effects the whole family! #intentions #goals #family

It’s was tempting for the “yeah, buts” to sneak in and list all the reasons why it would never happen, but after I wrote it down, I practiced saying the simple motto, Ask, Believe and Receive.

And no joke, the very first house we went to look at in NH, was 200 years old, had a sledding hill, big bedrooms, tall ceilings, garages, fireplaces, stonewalls, all on 25 acres and, best of all it had been sitting empty for over two years and the owners were looking to unload it!

I must admit, even I was surprised by this incredible manifestation, but since then, I’ve never doubted the power of asking for what you desire, by writing it down.

And when the “yeah buts” try to creep in, simply remind them that anything is possible and keep believing in your dream.
Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash