3 Simple Tools to Help You Stay Balanced and Present

Stay balanced and present this summer

I don’t know about you, but Summer is my season.

The long, light-filled days nourish my soul and replenish my well.

I love the lack of structure and ease that comes with the more relaxed days.

And, yet, without the usual rhythm and routine of my days, I have to be even more deliberate about practicing the habits that keep me balanced, or I can easily become overwhelmed.

I have a super simple solution, which I call my 3 keys, that I utilize to bring just enough consistency, structure and self-care to my days.

So, whether you’re traveling, have a house full of guests, or a new puppy, like me, you’re able to stay grounded and present.

new puppy in our family

My 3 Keys to Creating a Magical Summer:

Movement – This is a must!!! 

It’s so easy to fall into the rhythm of hanging out on a beach towel with the kids, or spending lots of hours in the car driving to various activities – but your body needs to move, not only for the physical benefits but the mental clarity that movement brings as well.

Many of the folks I work with use the old, “Idon’thaveenoughtime” excuse, but inevitably, when we look more closely at their schedules, we’re always able to find at least 20 minutes for a walk or a quick yoga video, even if it means getting up a little earlier in the morning.

Meditation – Or sitting still time

If you already have a meditation practice, great. Stick with it.

If you do not, summer is a perfect time to get started.

Again, keep it simple. Set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes, put on a piece of relaxing music, plop down on a comfy chair, put both feet on the floor, take a few deep breaths and just be.

That’s it. So simple, yet the results can be profound. And if you want something a little more structured, I use this free meditation app Insight Timer and these are a couple of my favorite meditations: 

These three simple tips help me to stay balanced, even through the busy summer and back to school season. #selfcare #momlife #lifetips

Nourishment –

Summer days tend to be long and full of activity, so it’s a perfect time to nourish your body with fresh fruits and veggies from local farm stands and markets.

And be sure you’re keeping yourself well hydrated.

Remember, our bodies are made up of mostly water and energy flows freely through water. So drink up!

I always keep a big jug of water in my car and on the counter to fill my water bottle throughout the day. You may want to do the same.

That’s it!

3 simple tools to ensure you stay balanced and present throughout your summer days!

I always try to do my 3 keys as early as possible in the day, but have fun and do what works best for you!


Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

A Summer Snow Day

Summer Snow Day

There’s nothing I love more than a snow day.

When I was a classroom teacher, I’d listen to the radio announcements with my fingers crossed – willing the announcer to say the name of my school.

Then when my own kids were in school, I’d say a little wish before opening the computer to check.

Last week, we had tremendous thunderstorms here in New Hampshire, both kids were sent home from their outdoor jobs (lifeguard and mountain bike guide).

I was so excited to have them both home unexpectedly and declared it a Summer Snow Day!

Tuck used the day off to visit the chiropractor and get a haircut, but Andie and I decided that a rainy day called for a matinee.

We went to see the documentary about Mr. Rodgers, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

I am so deeply glad we did.

What a special movie. What a special man. What a special message.

A message we need more than ever in this world.

Spread kindness.

Care for others.

Love is at the root of everything.

Listening is an act of love.

The development of our children is of vital importance…

and so many others.

Andie never really watched Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood, but she was deeply moved by the movie.

I loved our time together and felt so grateful for the thunderstorms that made it all possible.
But it reminded me, that we don’t have to wait for the “snow days” to play.

We can give ourselves permission to play and take time for ourselves, regardless of the weather!

I’m going to try and do so more often, and I hope you will, too!

Won't You Be My Neighbor


Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash

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The Magic of Setting Intentions

The magic of setting intentions

Last week I walked into one of my favorite local bookshops (where I’m doing a reading in October!) and let my eyes linger on covers and titles, waiting to find just the right one, or for it to find me. 

I left with the book, Soulful Simplicity, by Courtney Carver, and I’ve been immersed for the past several days. It’s all about living more soulfully with less in our lives. As I read, I’ve been inspired to create more space in our home and began where I usually do – at my overflowing bookshelf.

As I pulled book after book off the shelf, deciding whether it still served me, if there was someone who could use it, or if I should donate it, I found the beautiful gratitude journal my sister had given me last year on my birthday. I had intended to use it throughout the year but had only filled in the first few pages. I was about to return it to the shelf when several cards fell out of the back of the book. I opened each one and realized they were all birthday cards – cards from last year’s “big” birthday.

Here’s the Magical part. 

They were all from friends and family who’d received my hubby’s request to forego sending gifts, and instead, gift me with an intention they’d hold for me for coming the year.

Don't miss this powerful story of setting intentions and making dreams come true! Take time to set your own intentions today! #intentions #goals #success

So here I am, one year later, rediscovering these gorgeous intentions and realizing what incredible gifts I have been given.

As my birthday gift to myself this year, I’m going to create new intentions for the coming year. With my son heading off to college, my daughter going through the application process, and me, putting a new book out in the world, I have lots to intend about!

I invite you to put this intention setting into practice. You don’t have to wait for your birthday to start. You can start today. What are your wishes, dreams and deepest desires for yourself and your family?

Creating and writing down our intentions is a powerful practice, made even more powerful when you begin your intention, I am so happy and grateful that…and then write your intention in the past tense as if it has already happened!

“I am so happy and grateful that my new book, A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life has touched the lives of women all over the world to live a more mindful and inspired life.”

Now it’s your turn!

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