Simple Gifts


I was blessed with an early gift for Christmas.

It wasn’t wrapped in shiny paper or tied with a bow.

It was a simple answer to a simple question.

I’d asked it casually, resisting the urge to cross my fingers behind my back.

“Wanna to go to yoga class with me?”

She twisted a clump of her long blonde hair around her first finger, leaned back on the kitchen loveseat and yawned.

“No, big deal,” I said, retreating to the kitchen sink and breakfast dishes. “Only if you want to.”

I hardly heard her answer over the running water.

“I’ll go,” she’d said.

We rolled out our mats side by side.

Her eleven-year-old body so long, so graceful, so poised.

In downward dog, I heard, “Mom, Mom.”  When I turned to look, Andie asked, “How’s this?”

I smiled and nodded my head.  She smiled back.

We stood side by side in tree pose, arms waving in the studio air.  We wobbled at the same time, our hands coming together, fingers clasping in an embrace, holding each other up.

Balance restored.


May moments of joy, light, love and simplicity fill your home this holiday season.

XO Kasey

Being Me Part II: The Book Update


NYCThe Big Apple

After telling you all about the Smoothie Explosion I was prepared to share the outcome of that story and update you on the progress of the book.

I planned to remind you of the loooooooooooong journey the book has been on.

How it all began with the birth of a tiny baby, and the fleeting idea that blew in on the breeze 7 years later: Write your story down.  It will help people.  

How a year (or three) later, I had a newly finished manuscript (made that sound painless, didn’t I?) ready to find a home with a publisher.

I was going to jog your memory of the indie publisher who loved the book, slated it for publication in November of 2011 (yes, last month!) and then fell into financial crisis and was no longer in a position to publish the book.

Then I would have told you how I decided to pursue the path of finding a literary agent, sending out 10, 20, 30, 40 query letters and receiving 10, 20, 30 + rejection letters.  How I’d held one agent in line as my number one choice, you know, Her, from the Smoothie Story, the one I traveled to New York City to meet.

Which would have led us to a table for two at a cozy Thai restaurant on the Upper West Side, where I sat across from my literary agent in a brand-new, non-smoothie covered, dress.

This is where I’d ended the story last week.  Where I’d left you hanging, wanting to hear all about the meeting.

And this is where I’d planned to tell you that the literary agent was just as gracious and elegant as I had imagined her to be.

But this is also where I’d tell you that she was really worried about the current state of the publishing industry, and I would have used words like fearful and negative.

I would have told you how I spent an enitre week trying to make sense of that meeting, that I wondered if I should work with someone who seemed so uncertain.

How I tried to convince myself that I had to because she was a NEW YORK CITY LITERARY AGENT!

And then I would have told you that after going back and forth and realizing all the amazing light and love and support that already surrounded the book, I couldn’t choose a path that didn’t feel just right.

I would have told you how after hitting send on the email thanking the agent for the opportunity to work with her but that I was going to pursue a different path, I’d sat back in my chair and thought and what the hell other path might that be? 

And there my book update would have ended with a hopeful sigh.

I would have told you that one way or another, I would get that book into the hands of the people waiting to read it.

And then (insert a month+ here) my phone rang.

Then a one-woman, force-of-nature, literary agent entered the story.

She loves the book and talks so quickly and so excitedly about publishing houses and newspapers and magazines that I have to ask her to repeat herself just to make sure I’ve heard her correctly.  We get on the phone and laugh and swap stories until one of us fianlly realizes we’ve been on the phone for over an hour.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to my new friend and literary agent (book designer and author, as well), Dede Cummings!

I’ve known her for all of a week.

And in that week, I’ve realized that Dede Cummings is the giant smoothie explosion of positive energy and enthusiasm this book has been waiting for!

brattA Northern Apple – Brattleboro, VT

And as comfortable as I am traveling down to New York, you know, The City, Dede is in Brattelboro, Vermont, which works just fine for me!

Thanks for being a part of this journey!  I can’t wait to hear what you think!


Being Me (aka – The Smoothie Explosion)

120811-1Remember when I told you about my trip to New York City?

I’d had my hair straightened?

Turns out, I was on my way to meet my literary agent.

The literary agent I had hoped for from the get go.

The literary agent who’d written about consciousness and authenticity on her website.

The literary agent I’d perused for over a year.


I’d spent days picking out just the right outfit.

A sleeveless short navy dress with a long matching jacket.

“Cityish, right?”  I’d asked my husband.  “Just be yourself,” he’d replied.

Big help.

“Shoes or boots?” I’d asked my sister-in-law once I’d made it to Connecticut.

“Definitely the shoes.  They’re fabulous.”

“Do I look ready for New York City?”

My brother chimed in.  “Kase, don’t say New York City.  Just say ‘New York’ or ‘The City.’”

“Right,” I said.

His advice at the train station the next morning,  “Just be yourself.”

“John,” I gave him a knowing look.  “Be myself?”  Here I collapsed my knees in a buckling motion while simultaneously throwing my arms in the air and accidently hitting myself in the head with my bag.

“Right,” my brother said looking around the station, taking a step away from me.  “Just be you, toned down and contained a bit.”

When he asked if I was sure I knew where I was going, I pulled the notepaper from my bag, flapping it in front of his face.

An hour later I was in The City, standing in Grand Central with two hours to make it to the Upper West Side.

Bathroom.  Hair still straight. Check.

Outfit smooth and stylish.  Check.

Hungry.  Check.

Smoothie stand.  Check.

Ginger-Mango.  Check.

Notes from brother.  Check.

Up the steps.  Check.

Michael Jordan Steak House.  Check.

To Vanderbilt Ave.  Check.  

Cab to Central Park West and 61st Street.  Hmmm.

No cab.

Phone out.  Call brother.

“Where’s the cab stand?”

“What cab stand?”

“Outside Grand Central.”

“Kasey, there’s no stand.  Just step in the road and put your hand in the air.”


“A cab stopped!” I yelled into the phone.

“Good.  Get in it!” my brother yelled back.


I opened the cab door.  My first thought was, “Wow, this cab is immaculate.”

I stepped forward, trying to get my bag into the back seat first.  I was fumbling to hold onto my phone.  Then I watched as the lid of my smoothie caught on the lip of the cab door.

It was an explosion.

A Ginger-Mango Smoothie Explosion.

It took me a moment to realize what had happened.  Smoothie dripped from my eyelashes.  It fell from my hair.  I could feel it traveling inside my left ear.  When it hit the ground it splashed up between my legs.  The front of my dress and jacket were covered.  COVERED.

The back seat of the cab was sloshing with smoothie and suddenly the street was full of honking cabs, waiting for us to move.

I stood frozen, clutching the roof of the cab.

“Um, do you have any napkins?” I asked the cabbie.  He threw a bunch my way.

I wanted to close the cab door and tell him to have a nice day.

But I got in.

The smoothie moved like a giant yellow blob as I pushed it across the back seat.

“Um, do you have any more napkins,” I asked.

More napkins came my way.  I tried to wipe the front of my dress and ended up with white napkin lint on top of the baby-puke colored stains.

“I don’t know if I should laugh or cry,” I said to the cabbie.

Another wad of napkins fell in my lap.

And then I laughed.

I laughed and laughed and laughed all the way to the Upper West Side.

I called my brother from a park bench in Central Park.

“Kasey Mathews you did not.  Please tell me you did not do that.”

“I did.”

“It’s like Glee when they get slushies thrown in their faces?” he said.

“Exactly,” I said.


“Ok, don’t panic,” he instructed.  “There are dress shops all up and down Columbus.”

And he was right, there were.  Only each dress shop was teeny-tiny, filled with a select few teeny-tiny dresses that cost like 500 dollars!

My “city” outfit and jacket had come straight off the clearance rack at TJMaxx.

I was running out of time and not sure what to do. Wear what I had on?  It’d make a great story, but seriously, it wasn’t an option.

Then I saw it.

I’d come upon Shopping Nirvana.

A three-story discount designer store called Century 21.

It was like TJMaxx on steroids.

Serious steroids.

As soon as I got off the escalator on the second floor, I saw it.  It was Calvin Klein and looked like I’d had it made to match my shoes.

50 Bucks!

When I came out of the dressing room the attendant said,  “Girl, you looking way better then when you came in here.”

And she was right.

I was.

I was feeling smooth.



What about you?  Any embarrassing story you’re willing to share.  Please? 

Next week, Part II – I’ll tell you all about the meeting with the literary agent and give you a full update on the book!

Maureen Simon’s Virtual Book Tour Day 8

120511-1Last week, it became official – I’ve been at this blog business for an entire year!  I’ve certainly had a lot to learn and still find myself marveling at the wonders of this new virtual world!

Case in point, my participation in the Virtual Book Tour of Author, Maureen Simon!

Maureen is the author of Awakening The Essential Feminine Claiming Your Influential Power ~ For women who know that their feminine gifts are needed now and for women who want to know more! Maureen’s book holds a missing piece for women’s empowerment as it identifies 9 areas of life and 26 attributes that women are predisposed too based on our brain biology and socialization.
120511-2Maureen Simon is the founder of The Essential Feminine Company™ (TEF). A lifestyle and business design company that supports women through the process of creating successful powerful lives that incorporates their uniquely feminine attributes and gifts. Her company provides learning environments and products that assist women in claiming, living and leading with their natural strengths and talents.

Today we visit Maureen’s beautiful Northern California garden for a Video on Conscious Choice  Maureen shares her thoughts on the power of living authentically.

As a gift to you Maureen would like to personally invite you to join in her complimentary monthly living room holiday teleseminar, Wednesday December 21st – Maureen’s monthly live living room events are for women who want to look more closely at key issues that affect their day-to-day success, happiness and overall well-being in a highly supportive environment…The Essential Feminine Living Room is a global networking community that meets virtually on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

Maureen’s special guest in December is Alyssa Aubrey the Founder and Program Director of Medicine Horse Ranch, an experiential learning center incorporating horses in human self-development. Her entrepreneurial spirit invites others to engage life ‘on purpose’ and inspires a deeply connected reach towards authentic expression and contribution. Alyssa considers her EGL program horses to be partners, healers, teachers and guides in this powerful, cutting edge process leading people to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Sign up for Maureen’s free gift here.

The second to the last day of the tour makes another fun stop at The Organic Blonde.

Be sure to visit Jacqueline Rizk’s website, The Organic Blonde, to read an excerpt from Maureen’s book about communication.

After several years of battling inexplicable fatigue, hormonal disturbances, skin allergies and other health issues that were just not normal for someone her age, Jacqueline decided she was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time.

She became passionate about what went into her body, and what she used on her skin and in her home, even what she fed her darling pets. She wanted to take her passion to the streets. The Organic Blonde is that passion!

Visit Maureen’s blog Women Influencing Now for full virtual book tour details and a list of all the wonderful virtual book tour hosts. Each host has something special to share with you. It may be an interview, podcast, video or excerpt from Maureen’s book.


What does Authentic living look like and feel like to you?  Please leave a comment and let us know!  

Birthdays and a Book Giveaway!

120111-1-224x300This year, Andie needs 10 fingers and a toe!

In all the excitement around my daughter’s 11th birthday, I overlooked another birthday of sorts!

My Blog!!

I can hardly believe it, but I’ve been at it for 1 year now! My 1st entry announcing Andie’s 10th b’day!

Happy Birthday Blog!

And thank you, thank you, thank you wonderful readers!

I ventured into this world afraid and uncertain.  But as you shared your own personal stories, memories, advice and thoughtful comments, I quickly discovered the pure joy of sharing my weekly musings with an online community!


My 1st entry announcing Andie’s 10th b’day!


I’ve decided as a thank you celebration to try something I’ve never done before.

Drum roll, please…

A Book Give Away!

No, not mine.  That is still in process with an update coming soon.

Instead, I’m looking to give away a book that had a huge impact on my life.  It’s a book about worthiness and boundries and love and shame and so much more!  It’s called The Gifts of Imperfection:  Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.  The author, Brene Brown (please put a little thingy over the last e in Brene because my computer won’t), calls it a guide to wholehearted living.
120111-3I can’t say enough about this book.  Nearly every line of my copy is underlined and almost every corner of every page is turned down!

I wanted everyone in my family to read it and ordered 5 copies.  When the rather large box arrived, I was a bit surprised.  When I opened the cardboard box and found 12 copies, I was even more surprised.  When my husband and daughter theorized that I must have started with one, decided to order 2, and accidentally created 12, I just nodded.  Mentioning that I’d actually ordered 5 would have simply confused the situation, right?

Well, if you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know I’m a big believer in the guidance of higher powers. So rather than try to make meaning out of this considerable order, I figured I’m supposed to give the book to 12 people who need it!  So far, I’ve come across 11.

Are you the 12th?

I’ll post a few of my favorite passages from the book and let you decide!

If so, simply leave a comment and tell me what you liked, how it moved you or even the title of a book you’d like to recommend!

I will draw a name at random after midnight on Saturday, December 10th, using the tool at and notify the winner by email.

Passages from The Gifts of Imperfection:

Brene opens the book with the following:  “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”

In regard to shame, she says, shame is “the fear of being unlovable,” and “the birthplace of perfectionism.” She also writes that “shame hates it when we reach out and tell our story.”

What I love so much about the book is how Brene shares her own personal stories.

“I always been prone to worry and anxiety, but after I became a mother, negotiating joy, gratitude, and scarcity felt like a full-time job.  For years, my fear of something terrible happening to my children actually prevented me from fully embracing joy and gratitude.  Every time I came too close to softening into sheer joyfulness about my children and how much I love them, I’d picture something terrible happening: I’d picture losing everything in a flash.”  Me, too! I’d written next to that passage.

She wrote this on courage.  “Courage is telling our story, not being immune to criticism.  Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.”

It was so hard to pick just a few out of all the wonderful passages, but here’s one more.

“Joy is thorny and sharp as any of the dark emotions.  To love someone fiercely, to believe in something with your whole heart, to celebrate a fleeting moment in time, to fully engage in a life that doesn’t come with guarantees – these are risks that involve vulnerability and often pain.”

Check out her Ted Talk

What do you think?  I can’t wait to hear!