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Rocks, Pebbles, Water

Just like me, my son struggles with organization. Last Friday I urged him to clean out his backpack. He refused. “There’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be,” he said. I pushed. He pushed back. When I promised to put all the binders and folders back in for him, he finally agreed. Nothing in there? Just […]

That for Which I am Willing to Shout from the Rooftops…

Here are a few of the things I’ve been really digging lately: 1.) My new iPad cover. I do most of my writing old school – pencil, paper, composition notebook. When I found this cover I was beyond excited – Old meets new! 2.) This Youtube video.  An Open Letter To Moms from Kid President  I […]

What Does it Mean to Mother?

I just left the Medieval Games at my children’s Waldorf School where I watched my strong, athletic, capable and highly competitive 6th grade daughter compete her heart out. I stopped in at our local cafe to escape the heat, sip a lemonade and possibly write a bit. As I sat, ready to begin writing, I […]

Happy Spring!

I hope wherever you may be, you’re finding moments to get outside and enjoy the glorious return and renewal of spring. With Blessings, Kasey and Miss Meg


For spring break, I took the kids down to Florida to visit my parents. Once again I was reminded of the healing power of one of my favorite meditations – simply sitting on the beach watching my kids play in the sand and water.  What a gift.