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An Interview with My Boy

Sometimes I write over on the website, Preemie Babies 101. Last week, I posted an interview I did with Tucker, asking him about his experience as the big brother to a preemie. HIs answers were so clear, so honest, so dear, that I just had to share the interview over here with you. I’m including […]


Lee took this photo last week on the morning of my 46th birthday. We were in Lake Placid, NY, vacationing with my entire clan. A big, celebratory dinner was planned, but as I do every year, I longed for some quiet, reflective, soul-nourishing time. Lee set his watch alarm early – 6:30 am – and […]

Summer Inspiration

This summer, I’m treating myself to an online writing/photography course. The class is called Unraveling: Ways of Seeing Myself, and taught by the wonderful, Susannah Conway, with whom I took my first online course, Blogging from the Heart, earlier this year. Our first Unraveling assignment was to think about our feet. Susannah encouraged us students, […]

Follow-Up on My Boy/Man

I thought it was fitting after publishing yesterday’s post about my boy growing up, that when I arrived to pick him up at work in the afternoon he was all excited to show me what he’d accomplished. I was a bit surprised when we walked right past the chicken coop he’d cleaned, the holes he’d […]

Observations on Little Ones

My sister’s kids came down from Vermont to stay with us for a few days. They’re nine and six, just as mine were only a few short years ago.  Yet somehow, as I’ve aged and adapted along with mine, I’ve forgotten all the sweet, little things about little ones. Like how no matter how late […]