Preemie Parent Mentoring

Are you a Preemie Parent struggling with the effects of your child’s premature birth?

Then you are not alone. Many Preemie Parents find themselves caught in a world of grief, guilt, trauma, anxiety, loneliness or other difficulties for years following their child’s birth.

In fact, a Stamford University study found that over 60% of parents of NICU babies are at risk for PTSD.

The day I entered the grocery store and saw the newspaper headline about the flu that was sweeping the country, my knees buckled and I had to hold the rack to keep from falling over. My daughter was 8 years old at the time, but I still wanted to run home, wrap her in bubble wrap and never take her out in the world again. I was desperate to keep her safe.

I knew I needed help. I couldn’t keep living my life waiting for the other shoe to drop. As I held that newspaper rack, I knew it was time to heal the trauma that lived just below the surface of my skin.  

As a published author with a Master’s degree in Education, I know first hand that “premature birth” doesn’t end upon leaving the NICU. Many preemie parents (myself included) feel effects that have the potential to linger for years following these births. If you feel this “NICU shadow” is preventing you from being the healthy, whole parent your child needs and deserves, I can help.

If you…

  • always worry that “the other shoe is going to drop”
  • are unable to be fully present in your life
  • continue to wonder if you did something to cause your child’s early birth
  • feel an underlying loneliness in your life
  • wish you had more support in your life
  • carry guilt about accepting help from others
  • wonder why you can’t just “move on”
  • feel disconnected from other parents who can’t understand what you’ve gone through
  • envy other parents in the grocery store that aren’t fretting over germs
  • hold back from fully loving your child for fear of losing him/her
  • find your stomach in knots every time you go to “routine” doctor’s appointments
  • feel like danger is always lingering right around the corner
  • wish someone understood how you’re feeling
  • want to communicate better with your spouse
  • long for a good night sleep
  • want to feel “normal” again
  • crave happiness and fulfillment

I can help.

My sessions are conveniently offered via video conference. A safe space is created in which we explore your issues and challenges and put to use the practical, proven methods and techniques that have helped so many other preemie parents become the happy, healthy and whole parents they deserve to be.

If you’re ready to leave the trauma of your child’s birth in the past and start living life to the fullest, CONTACT ME.  to set up a Free 30-Minute Discovery Session.

I’m excited to hear from you!