Magical Moment: Simplicity

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it’s the simplest moments that feel so profound?

Just last week, simply wandering the berry patches of a dear friend’s farm with my daughter, was pure Magic.

No agenda. No plan. But the conversation and connection were wonderful.

I often need to remind myself that there’s no need to PLAN for these moments, but rather to simply ALLOW for them to arrive.

When we slow down and are just available and present, MAGIC can really happen.

Know what I mean?

Any magical moments from your world to share?

To share, post over on the Facebook Page!

I can’t wait to hear!

Boy do we need ‘em these days, right?

Magical Moment: Mamas

Sweet Friend, it’s Mama’s Day on Sunday!

Have you done anything yet?

My brother, sister and I have for our own Mama, but I can’t say because she reads this newsletter!

Of course I have to promote and encourage you to send your Mom, and every Mama out there, my Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life. It was made for this moment! Full of stories, exercises and ideas that encourage Moms to put themselves first for a change! One swipe of the keyboard and it can be in Mom’s mailbox by the weekend!

(Btw if you’re a grammar freak like me, I know the words Mom, Mama and Mother are not meant to be capitalized, but I do anyway because those words are too important not to! Agree?)

Many of you are Mamas, so what’s the plan for YOU this Sunday?

If you’re saying to yourself…

Oh, I’ll just wait and see what my hubby and kids come up with…

I encourage (beg) you to be a little more proactive than that!

Look, I love a plate of sticky, syrupy gluten-free pancakes in bed as much as the next Mama, but we’ve had a lot on our plate these days, and I don’t know about you (actually I think I do!) but I really need a break. If it takes a Hallmark holiday to get it, I’m going to claim it and milk it for all it’s worth ’cause come Monday, it’ll be back to three meals a day and lots of dishes.

So…the day is yours! What ‘cha thinking?

Hang on! Did I just hear you think, What would be fun for the kids?

No, Mama! What would be fun for you????

How about…

Sleeping till noon?

A morning movie in bed?

A quiet walk?

A family drive in the countryside with Bach streaming through the speakers?

A picnic lunch in a quiet park?

Your Day, Your Choice!

And for those of you that still need the reminder – Taking care of you is not selfish. The more you fill up your own cup, the more you have to share with others. Right?

Ok, this was a ball!!

I love this woman, Emily Aborn! She is a total dynamo! When she asked me to be on her podcast, I was beyond honored and excited!

I adored our conversation, and I know you will too!

There is a wonderful surprise for listeners – I created a brand new giveaway that you’re going to want to grab asap (especially these days!).

She Built This Podcast Interview

OK, Sweet Friend. Be well. Take good care of YOU. And please remember, I am here if you need support!

With love and blessings,


Magical Moment: Good News

Hi Sweet Friend!

Last week I shared the newspaper article about my decision to give my books away to local moms.

Here is a quick video of the Magical Moment that followed as a result.

It totally made my heart sing, and I hope it does the same for you!

Book Giveaway Magical Moment

May your day be full of little moments of joy, peace, wellness, and of course, Magic.

Love and Blessings,


Magical Moment: Can You Be Certain?

 Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

Hey Sweet Friend,

I’ve been thinking a lot about you and wondering how you are.

How you’re adjusting to this “new normal.”

So much of this time reminds me of when our daughter, Andie was born so prematurely. That was a time full of so much uncertainty. It was scary, confusing and exhausting. Just like now.

There are times when I look back and wonder how I got through that period in our lives.

But the reality is, I just did. Because I didn’t have a choice.

The choice I did have, however, was how I showed up in the midst of the crisis. At first it wasn’t pretty – at all. But eventually I found my footing and started to recognize that there were practices I could put in place to support and sustain myself for the long journey ahead.

It’s the stuff I talk about all the time now. Creating structure in your days, making time for just you – ways to feed your soul and refill your depleted well – drinking lots of water, moving your body, sitting for a few quiet minutes and taking in some deep breaths.

So simple… yet a consistent daily practice is something certain we can rely on in the midst of times of uncertainty.

Lately, I’ve been thinking lots about all the moms at home with kids – juggling their work, making meals, teaching school and every other aspects of life falling on their shoulders right now. (Dads I know you’re out there doing your part, too!)

Climbing into bed last week, I had the idea that I wanted to somehow send my book, A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life to all the moms out there who needed a little something for themselves. A little gift and reminder that they matter and it’s ok to take a little time for themselves. But the post office was out of the question, so how would I get books to the people who need them most? I woke the next day and shared my idea with Lee. “I wish I could stand in our front yard and throw the books into the air and magically they’d land in the homes of all the moms who would benefit.”

From there the idea arrived that I could do this on a local level… put a whole bunch of books in a place where moms could come and take a copy.

The reporter who wrote an article when Preemie was first published kindly offered to write an article to help spread the word…

Local Author Offers Copies of Mindfulness Book for Free

Finally, it was quite a magical and powerful moment to sit side by side with my girl, Andie and listen to her answer questions written in asking about her experience as a former preemie.

An Interview With My Grown-Up Preemie Daughter

Much love,



Magical Moment: One Day at a Time

Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

This is certainly a challenging time for us all, and now more than ever, we need to know that we are not alone.

First and foremost, please know that I am here for you. Truly. If you want to just talk or drop a note, if you need someone to listen, I am here.

As the outside world swirls with uncertainty and everything feels out of control, it’s a time to remind ourselves that even though we can’t control what is happening “out there,” we can control what is happening within ourselves.

Now more than ever I’d encourage you to turn to the rhythm and routine of a Daily Practice.

It does not need to be anything more than a few minutes of a consistent routine ~ something you do every day that your body, mind and spirit can count on.

For me, every morning I set aside time to fill out my Daily Planner, sit in front of the little meditation table I created, light a couple of candles, read the daily passage from my favorite book of devotions, read a forgiveness prayer out loud and then sit for a few minutes and let it all sink in.

Yesterday a particular passage from the daily reading really stood out to me. It spoke to the idea of allowing ourselves to be seen for our true self. I offer it to you as a little something on which to ponder as you move through your day.

From The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo:

“I am humbled to admit that the only difference I see on Earth between being strong and weak is the honesty with which we face ourselves, accept ourselves, and share ourselves, blemishes and all.”

So what about you? Are you feeling called to create a Daily Practice? Is there a book of poetry you could turn to? A daily walk outdoors where you could take nice deep gulps of air and listen to the birds? How about a few minutes with some journal writing?

There is no right or wrong ~ this is what resonates with you and allows you the comfort of predicability and consistency when the rest of the world feels anything but.

If you already have a Daily Practice or you’re inspired to create one, please share so we can all benefit and grow together.

As many of you know, I’d been hosting a monthly virtual gathering called A Cup of Tea with Me. Given the isolation so many are experiencing, I decided it’s time to start that up again. But this month I’m going to make it an evening and replace the tea with wine. (You can bring your tea if you’re not a wine drinker!)

Interested in joining?

I’ll keep you posted when I choose an exact evening and time. I’m thinking Thursday evening, March 26th, but I’m not totally ready to commit to that date and will feel it out over the weekend. I’ll send out something early next week with a firm date, so keep an eye out for that email if this gathering sounds appealing to you.

We meet over Zoom and it’s kind of like the Brady Bunch. We each get our own little box on the screen and have the opportunity to interact with each other. Pretty cool that this technology is available for us to connect!

Stay well sweet friend and know that you are not alone.


Magical Moment: Managing Fear

As we all know, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty swirling around in the world right now.

It’s hard not to get swept up in the constant and ever-changing news reports.

I’ve really felt the impact lately, especially with our girl out on her gap year travels.

Yet, I always strive to show up as my best self and inspire others to do the same, and can’t do that if I’m full of fear and anxiety.

So it became apparent that I needed to make some changes in how I was moving through my days.

First of all, news alerts were constantly arriving in my inbox and every one was like a jolt of electricity to my nervous system. But guess who’d signed up to receive those alerts? Me. So I made the choice to unsubscribe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m staying informed, but now it’s on my terms. I choose to read the news when I’m ready. And that means I’m in a strong and centered frame of mind.

I’ve also chosen to stop watching television news. Watching meant I didn’t know what was going to come at me, and once again, leave me full of fear. Just another form of media where control was out of my hands.

In this newly aware state, I also noticed that long ago I’d set the New York Times as my browser homepage. They do an amazing job getting to the essence of a story, but every time I opened my computer, whether I chose to or not, I’d get glimpses of people in masks and hazmat suits and my hands would shake and my heart would race. Now I have my favorite home decorating website as my homepage setting, and I can switch over to news sites when I choose to do so.

I also remembered to breathe. To take those deep full breaths throughout the day that get me out of my head and back in my body. Plus, I take the time every morning to fill out my Magical Living Daily Planner which includes time to move my body, sit in stillness and drink lots of water.

Finally, I remind myself that we live in an uncertain world, and yet really, we always have. There just wasn’t a constant stream of noise reminding us of this from one moment to the next. Yet, we need to remember that we have choice. We get to choose how and when we expose ourselves to information.

Staying present when fear and uncertainty arrives is an ongoing practice, but by allowing ourselves to feel our fear, acknowledge it and move it through us, we can open ourselves back up to the healthy and welcome feelings of trust, gratitude and joy.

photo credit: Chris Ensey

What about you? Are there any changes you’d like to make? Tips, tools or tricks you have to share? Please reply here or over on the Facebook Page

Not Feeling the Magic?

Hey Friend ~

Reality is, some days, it’s pretty hard to find the Magic, right?

Even with all of my habits and systems and positive ways, there are just those days.

Maybe I didn’t sleep well. My back is sore. I can’t stop thinking about world events – especially when my daughter is traveling in the midst of them!

So what do I do on those days when I’m just not feeling the magic?



I write.

I let the page hold all that I’m carrying.

And as the words find their way to the page, I feel space open within and my breath return.

Sometimes all it takes is making a list…

I’m afraid…

I want…

I need…

I wish…

I keep writing until I let out a big exhale and know I’ve hit a reset button, and I’m moving back to center.

Then I make myself a cup of tea and turn, as I do everyday, to my Magical Living Daily Planner, where I deliberately and intentionally allow myself to move forward with my day. (Is it time to dust yours off?)

And maybe Magic will show up after all.

If she does, I’m open to whatever she has in store for me.

​What about you? How do you hit the reset button when you’re having one of ​those days?

I’d love to hear!

Love and Blessings,


P.S. I have two coaching spots that just opened up! If you’re ready to live a life full of ease, joy and purpose, we should talk. A limited number of complimentary discovery sessions were just added to the February calendar. If you’re interested, grab yours today!

Whoa, Slow Down

I’ve just returned from a snowy walk in the woods with my pooch, Georgie Girl.

I was thinking about the new year and all the noise and talk about the “New Year and the New You.”

All the pressure to change.

All the pressure to make promises and resolutions.

It all feels like so much to me. And I wonder how it’s all feeling to you?

I wonder if you’re starting this new year in a place of peace and compassion for yourself…

…or do you have a long list of all the shoulds and have-tos that you must do now that the calendar has turned to a new year?

You know I want all of us to show up as our best selves.

That is my wish for you, for me, for all of us.

Yet, I also know at this time of year there’s a big temptation to make big radical changes and try to jump so high and so far that we risk falling in between the massive chasm that exists between the place where we currently are and the place we want to be.

I invite you to hold up both hands flat in front of you with your palms facing up. Let one hand represent where you are now. Raise the other hand 6, 10, 12 inches higher to represent the place you want to be. Notice the space in between. A lot of space. Space to fall. Space to lose hope. Space to give up.

I believe we have to take small steps to make lasting change and get to the place where we’re living the life of our dreams.

One step, then another. Then another, and another after that.

As we keep taking those small steps, we’re creating new habits and building new neuropathways in our brains.

So what is one small and simple step you can take today?

A short walk outside?
Several glasses of water throughout the day?
Make your bed?
Call an old friend?
Sit quietly with your eyes closed for a few minutes?
Play a piece of classical music while you sit down to answer emails?
Write in your journal?
Read a chapter in the book that’s been sitting on your bedside table since the fall?

You get to choose. Just make it easy, realistic and doable.

And perhaps, after a while, you’ll be ready to take another step and add in another new habit.

And perhaps, at some point along the way, you’ll notice that you’ve made some significant shifts in your life.

Then hold up your two hands in front of you again and notice if that distance between your hands has closed a bit.

And then prepare to take another step.

And then another.

True and lasting change takes time.

Make that your gift to yourself this new year.

I’d love to hear about any changes you’re making in your life! You can email me at or shoot me a message over on my Facebook page.

If you’re looking for digestible bites of inspiration every day, you can check it out here – Kasey Mathews: Author, Speaker, Coach

With love and blessings,


Magical Moments Just for You

This is the time of year when we give so much of ourselves to others that we sometimes need a reminder of the importance of caring for ourselves.

I wanted to share a few quick and easy tools that may be just what you need to feed your body, mind and soul and create even more Magical Moments in the coming days.

A piece I wrote last year

A quick read to remind us that holiday perfection isn’t always found when everything is “just right,” but more so when we show up and are present to the quiet, often hidden moments we may miss in this busy time of year – HOLIDAY PERFECTION





Warm Layers

A coaching client recently and reluctantly admitted that she hadn’t been moving her body much. “It’s just so cold,” she complained. I shared with her the secret I’d discovered years ago. As soon as the temps drop in the fall, I begin layering with a pair of silky long undies (I love the Cuddleduds brand) and a cozy tank top. “I’m never cold anymore,” I assured her, “And I use to be all the time.” If this is an issue for you, try it for yourself and see if it makes a difference. And if you have little ones, same for them. Long johns aren’t just meant for skiing and sledding. This way our bodies can focus on showing up in the best health possible, rather than putting all that energy toward simply keeping us warm.

Kasey’s Magical Morning Power Bowls

I used to drive out of my way to a local restaurant to get a hot and delicious Power Bowl, until one recent morning I decided to make my own. Now they’re a staple in our house and our favorite breakfast treat, but also a perfect go-to for any meal or snack throughout the day.

Make a big pot of Quinoa, bake a bunch of sweet potatoes, fry up some chicken sausages, chicken breasts, or any protein that you prefer. Store in the fridge so it’s ready every morning to be thrown together.

Grab a bowl, throw a bunch of fresh spinach in the bottom, add a layer of quinoa, then throw in chopped up sweet potato, protein, any leftover cooked veggies and warm it up (lately I’ve been cheating and using the micro, but do what feels right to you). Once it’s warm, throw some chopped avocado, a fried egg or whatever seems appealing on top. Andie’s favorite is a yummy peanut sauce. You can’t go wrong and this will fuel your body, mind and soul for hours to come!








Magic Ginger Tonic

I make up a big pot of warm ginger tonic that sits on the stove and I pour from it all day long. Again, it’s super easy. Add or take away whatever feels right to you!

Slice up 3-4 pieces of fresh ginger, add in a big spoonful of honey, a big squeeze of lemon and a hardy shake of cayenne pepper then pour in the boiling water.

This keeps me warm and toasty on the inside and hydrated thought out the day!

Give it a try and see how it works for you!







That’s it!

So simple, right? But a way to give yourself a little extra holiday love this season.

Finally, I’m sending you so much love, gratitude and wishes for peace straight from my heart to yours.

I can’t wait to connect with you again in the new year. 2020 is sure to be special and full of lots of Magic!

With Blessings and Love,


Magical Moments Abroad