Book Writing

Is there a story living in you that wants to find its way out?
Do you feel like what you have to say is meant to be shared?
Are you struggling to get your stories out of you and into your book?

If you’re looking for someone to guide and inspire you — someone who has walked this path and knows how to make the writing process joyous, fun, and meaningful — then this is your invitation! I invite you to sign up for my Free 30-minute Discovery Session.

As your coach, I will help you to:

• Discover and utilize your unique writing voice
• Create irresistible writing
• Learn tricks and tools to overcome writing blocks
• Develop a writing routine
• Understand the ins and outs of the publishing world
• Find a structure for your book
• Write with clarity, purpose, and understanding

Sign up for a Free 30-minute Discovery Session and discover if you’re ready to take the next step in committing to yourself and your dreams.

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Here’s What People Are Saying

Kasey has a warmth of spirit that simply permeates every sentence she writes and every word she speaks. She is authentic and courageous, incredibly creative and absolutely loves with her whole soul.

KeiraFounder and Director of The Preemie Parent Alliance

As a former USA National Team Coach for Women’s Gymnastics, I appreciate foundational basic concepts and processes that produce results. Being a coach, I know great coaching when I see it. Kasey is helping me with the book I started on my own, over 10 years ago. The innovating and creative exercises and tools she’s shared with me, have allowed me to enhance my writing skills and move forward with my book. Her intuitive insights are teaching me how to paint a picture, and turn my stories into a visual “movie,” giving my readers exactly what they want and need. Kasey’s balanced practical and intuitive approach to writing, is not only effective, but highly productive.  Kasey Mathews is a one stop shop for all your needs in whatever writing endeavor you are involved in. I recommend working with Kasey if you are ready to stop thinking about your writing and actually get it down on the page.

Gary BuckmannEmpowerment Enterprises