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I haven’t had much time to write over the past few weeks because this fall the kids have started at a new school. It’s been a HUGE transition. When time allows, I want to write more about this change and the process we went through to get to this point, but in the meantime, I watched […]

An Interview with My Boy

Sometimes I write over on the website, Preemie Babies 101. Last week, I posted an interview I did with Tucker, asking him about his experience as the big brother to a preemie. HIs answers were so clear, so honest, so dear, that I just had to share the interview over here with you. I’m including […]


Lee took this photo last week on the morning of my 46th birthday. We were in Lake Placid, NY, vacationing with my entire clan. A big, celebratory dinner was planned, but as I do every year, I longed for some quiet, reflective, soul-nourishing time. Lee set his watch alarm early – 6:30 am – and […]

Summer Inspiration

This summer, I’m treating myself to an online writing/photography course. The class is called Unraveling: Ways of Seeing Myself, and taught by the wonderful, Susannah Conway, with whom I took my first online course, Blogging from the Heart, earlier this year. Our first Unraveling assignment was to think about our feet. Susannah encouraged us students, […]

Follow-Up on My Boy/Man

I thought it was fitting after publishing yesterday’s post about my boy growing up, that when I arrived to pick him up at work in the afternoon he was all excited to show me what he’d accomplished. I was a bit surprised when we walked right past the chicken coop he’d cleaned, the holes he’d […]

Observations on Little Ones

My sister’s kids came down from Vermont to stay with us for a few days. They’re nine and six, just as mine were only a few short years ago.  Yet somehow, as I’ve aged and adapted along with mine, I’ve forgotten all the sweet, little things about little ones. Like how no matter how late […]

Before My Eyes

Yesterday he was one, and then he was five, soon eight, then ten, then twelve. Today he’s fourteen, turning fifteen in a month.  And all along, so much more little boy than man; his talks of someday fanciful and improbable. And then six months ago, 3 inches and 11 pounds overnight. Suddenly the boy who […]

To Go Easy

Ahhhh, Sunday morning. And it finally feels like summer here in the North East. Although more rain is due to arrive, I’ll take this morning’s sunshine and the inspiration that arrived with it. I’m reading Yes, Chef, the memoir of Ethiopian born, Swedish adopted, Marcus Samuelsson, which has me inspired in the kitchen.  This morning I’m baking […]

Write to Heal

I had the honor to write over on Preemie Babies 101 this week.  I hope you’ll check it out, especially if you’ve ever thought about doing a little writing.  (The post is geared to preemie parents, but it’s really applicable to all.) “Whether your baby was in the NICU for 2 days or 200, the […]


Ok, to everyone who told me I’d be crazy not to jump at the chance to take the kids and join Lee on a business trip to London – YOU WERE RIGHT! It has been three truly magical days, full of unforgettable moments I hope will be forever seared in the kid’s memory banks.  They certainly […]