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Maureen Simon’s Virtual Book Tour Day 8

Last week, it became official – I’ve been at this blog business for an entire year!  I’ve certainly had a lot to learn and still find myself marveling at the wonders of this new virtual world! Case in point, my participation in the Virtual Book Tour of Author, Maureen Simon! Maureen is the author of […]

Birthdays and a Book Giveaway!

This year, Andie needs 10 fingers and a toe! In all the excitement around my daughter’s 11th birthday, I overlooked another birthday of sorts! My Blog!! I can hardly believe it, but I’ve been at it for 1 year now! My 1st entry announcing Andie’s 10th b’day! Happy Birthday Blog! And thank you, thank you, thank […]

An Announcement

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving. Sunday, we celebrate Andie’s eleventh birthday! Yesterday, I received an email from a woman who’d been born at 28 weeks, thirty-six years ago!  Her parents had been told there was little hope their baby would live.  Today, she’s earning a nursing degree and hopes to work in the NICU, helping preemie […]

Dear Pediatrician

I wonder if you remember me? We met almost eleven years ago? I was that one with the really preemie baby. Remember? She had an ostomy bag and a scar on her back from a heart/lung surgery? I carried her in a soft pink fleece and was a little shaky having just brought her home from […]

RSV Article and Video

Chances are, if you don’t have a preemie, you’ve never heard of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). But if there’s a preemie or vulnerable child in your life, you know RSV, and you know the fear that accompanies it. When Kelli from Hand to Hold asked me to record a video segment describing Andie’s bout with RSV, I […]

Thought You Might Like… (apple peeler)

Ok, here I go again… shouting from the roof tops about another somethin’ I thought you might like… Remember when I thought I wanted to be a farmer?  Well, still no chickens or cows in our backyard, but I did buy this handy fruit-picker, and we’ve been pulling apples down from the tree in our own yard! (Love this, […]

Trail of Dreams

I had it down like clockwork. Hair appointment at 11:00, pick up kids at 12:30.  Home by 12:45, on the road by 1:15, 1:30 at the latest. I had a big book meeting in NYC.  (You’ll read about THAT in an upcoming blog!). I planned to stay at my brother’s house in Connecticut and take a […]


Somehow, every soccer season, one way or another, I get roped into helping my husband coach one of the kids’ team. Typically, he gets stuck at work and calls me in a panic. “Can you please just get practice started?” and a list of drills arrive via email. Now we all know how much soccer experience I […]

Sisterly Love

Libbie and her daughter, Amelia I just got off the phone with my sister. I was complaining about how I feel so overwhelmed by the book publication process.  How I’m just so sick of all of it and want to throw in the towel and say to hell with it. My sister, four years younger […]