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Clean Focus

I’m at the Laundromat.  Our dryer broke.  I’m happy.  Not that our dryer broke, but being here at the Laundromat. (Yup, even though my book is getting published – there’s still laundry to do!) I like the order and purpose of this place.  I like the focus.  Laundry.  That’s it.  Well laundry and writing. I like how […]

Big Book News!!

First there was a baby. And a whole lot of uncertainty. Time passed.  The baby grew and healed.  So did her mom. Then came a book. And a whole lot of uncertainty. A publisher… No publisher. An agent… No agent. Then another agent brimming with love and enthusiasm for the baby, I mean book. And now a […]

Spiritual Practice

On December 10th, 2011, I completed my training as a Reiki Master. Before leaving class, our teacher, the queen of Reiki, Libby Barnett encouraged us to choose a practice and put it into action for the following 21 days. “Let’s see,” Libby said.  “21 days would bring us to…” “December 31st,” I called out. “What a way […]

Guest Post: The Pig and Me author, Lindsay Frucci

How about we start out the new year with a Book Giveaway? I’m really excited to introduce you to my friend and fellow writer, Lindsay Frucci. Lindsay is the author of The Pig and Me, in which she chronicles the journey of creating a low-fat browmie mix that would ultimately pull her family out of financial […]

Simple Gifts

I was blessed with an early gift for Christmas. It wasn’t wrapped in shiny paper or tied with a bow. It was a simple answer to a simple question. I’d asked it casually, resisting the urge to cross my fingers behind my back. “Wanna to go to yoga class with me?” She twisted a clump […]

Being Me Part II: The Book Update

So… The Big Apple After telling you all about the Smoothie Explosion I was prepared to share the outcome of that story and update you on the progress of the book. I planned to remind you of the loooooooooooong journey the book has been on. How it all began with the birth of a tiny baby, and the fleeting […]

Being Me (aka – The Smoothie Explosion)

Remember when I told you about my trip to New York City? I’d had my hair straightened? Turns out, I was on my way to meet my literary agent. The literary agent I had hoped for from the get go. The literary agent who’d written about consciousness and authenticity on her website. The literary agent I’d […]

Maureen Simon’s Virtual Book Tour Day 8

Last week, it became official – I’ve been at this blog business for an entire year!  I’ve certainly had a lot to learn and still find myself marveling at the wonders of this new virtual world! Case in point, my participation in the Virtual Book Tour of Author, Maureen Simon! Maureen is the author of […]

Birthdays and a Book Giveaway!

This year, Andie needs 10 fingers and a toe! In all the excitement around my daughter’s 11th birthday, I overlooked another birthday of sorts! My Blog!! I can hardly believe it, but I’ve been at it for 1 year now! My 1st entry announcing Andie’s 10th b’day! Happy Birthday Blog! And thank you, thank you, thank […]

An Announcement

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving. Sunday, we celebrate Andie’s eleventh birthday! Yesterday, I received an email from a woman who’d been born at 28 weeks, thirty-six years ago!  Her parents had been told there was little hope their baby would live.  Today, she’s earning a nursing degree and hopes to work in the NICU, helping preemie […]