About Kasey Mathews

Home is a 200-year-old house atop a hill in rural New Hampshire with the loves of my life—my husband Lee, and two kids, Tucker and Andie. This is the fourth old house we’ve renovated, and I can’t imagine ever living in a place without crooked door frames and slanted floors. I love thrift shops and farm stands and cooking with whole, organic foods (but if I’m stuck on a desert island, make it potato chips, French onion dip and an endless supply of Corona!) I’m crazy about home decorating shows, finding bargains on clearance racks, and white slip-covered furniture.  

I’m totally into alternative therapies and love acoustic guitar, female memoir writers, and my old white Macbook. My favorite sound is a freshly sharpened pencil scratching across the page. I love romantic comedies, watching Sunday afternoon football with the family, and our little local independent movie theater.

My daily meditation is a walk in the woods with our pup, Georgie Girl. Seven years ago after gluten-free, I discovered that I’d been, pretty much, kind of sick my whole life. I’d have 10 more dogs, a flock of chickens, 2 miniature donkeys, and maybe a few sheep, if only my hubby would stop saying no. But I’m crazy about him anyway, and date nights usually find us sitting side by side on bar stools sipping margaritas! As soon as my kids were born, I knew my greatest teachers had arrived and I continue to learn from them both everyday.

And yet, amazing teachers that they are, somewhere along the line, I so completely surrendered my whole self – body, mind and spirit – into their lives, that forgot who I was, what I loved, and what I wanted to do with my life. Since coming to that realization, I’ve been going about the amazing process of unwinding my life from theirs and remembering and discovering what I love.

Parenting is certainly a process, and it’s through this process I’ve come to understand that in meeting our own needs, taking care of ourselves first and giving to ourselves without feeling guilty about it, we are best able to show up for our children and the rest of the world.