Do you ever feel stuck and wish there was someone to talk to about what really matters?

Not too long ago, I sat alone on my sunporch, sipping a cup of tea, gazing out the window contemplating all the things on my mind.

There were the usual worries about my kids, uncertainties around choices I made or would have to make, challenges I faced and the places I felt stuck. Sound familiar?

I wanted someone to talk to. I thought about calling my sister, but she was away on a business trip. There were several friends I could call, but I really didn’t want a phone cradled against my ear and the distance between us.

I wished there was a group of women right here with me. We’d all have a warm mug in our hands and share about what’s really going on in our lives.

I was longing for CONNECTION. (I bet you know how that feels too.)

More than the quick like or comment on Facebook or Instagram—I was longing for a deeper type of connection. But with friends and family scattered all around the country, a gathering of this sort seemed unlikely.

Yet the idea stuck with me, and as I met with my coaching clients via video calls, it occurred to me that this was a way to gather and connect.

That was it! A once a month gathering! From our kitchens, living rooms, sun porches, and maybe even cars, from all around the country, maybe even the world, we can pour ourselves a cup of tea (or coffee if that’s your go-to) and come together!

And that’s how A Cup of Tea with Me was born!

The gathering is Free for all. Each month will have a theme around which you’ll have the chance to ask questions and share your thoughts. I’ll lead us in a couple of exercises around that month’s theme, and offer tools, tricks, and tips that leave us feeling energized, nourished and fulfilled!

As moms, we do so much for everyone else in our lives. Let’s give ourselves the gift of taking time to refill our own cups, so we can show up as our very best selves.

Give yourself the gift of a deeper, uplifting conversation.

Join A Cup of Tea with Me!

There are no meetings currently scheduled! Please check back in September! 

I can’t wait to connect and hope your coming days are full of love, joy, peace and lots of Magic!

With Blessings,